Jacquie is on the road again and encourages all of you to get out and enjoy rural Alberta.
Jacquie is on the road again. Check out where she recommends taking the family this weekend.
Have you tried Rig Hand? Jacquie is back (but a little late) with another weekend of events.
Jacquie is back with another community events video. Find out what she recommends doing with the family this weekend in
Jacquie is on the road again with some great places to check out and more in one of our first
Our community connector, Glenda Sheard had has the details about this year's Country Convoy and how it went ahead despite

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Karen chats with three time Grey Cup champion, who has moved on from football to honey. Find out more in
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Community Events

Jacquie's regularly scheduled community events video will be back soon. Until then, she has a few words for the province
Jacquie has the happening spots throughout rural Alberta (and YEG) this weekend.
Jacquie is hitting the road again this weekend, but not before she gives us this week community events list. It
  While Jacquie is excited to take in the Winter Festival of Speed in Lac La Biche this weekend, her