Pond Drama

If you have been following along on my Blog you will recall I have mentioned a pair of wild ducks that have taken up residency in the pond located in the horse pasture. I have aptly named them; “Little Mama” and “Daddy Duck”. Over the course of the last few weeks they have offered me lots of entertainment; it is like having Animal Planet streaming live in full 3D color 24/7!

Each day when I go to medicate my little Fjord and give her breakfast I pause to make sure that everything is still ‘afloat’ in my duck pond world. Just a few days ago I found myself smiling watching Little Mama busy sweeping out their little home (which is comprised of the straw spread out for the horse last fall); I could just imagine her humming to herself going about her wifey duties. Daddy Duck was taking his morning swim around the pond to ensure all was just as he had left it the previous day. As I stood there smiling, the world started to fall apart. Out of nowhere came “Sassy” duck, she flew in with perfect precision landing just to the right of Daddy Duck and made ‘eyes’ at him, enticing him to swim with her into the reeds. To my dismay, in a flash, that little home wrecker was saucily wagging her tail at him and he was all eyes! They swan to the end of the reed and proceeded to perform a little mating dance. My eyes round and my mouth covered I dared glance over at Little Mama. All cleaning activity had ceased and desisted and she was all eyes as well. How dare he, after she slaved day in and day out to give him all the comforts of home and with one little swish of a tail he had simply forgotten her. I was prepared for the worst. However, after a few minutes of checking out the ‘new lady’, Daddy Duck quickly came to his senses and returned to the pond and swam quickly home to the neat little nest that his loving wife had so recently been setting to rights. I thought perhaps all was going to be well, however, Sassy did hang around for several days and Daddy Duck diligently swan back and forth between the two femme fatales unable to make up his mind. Could it be I have encountered a polygamist duck? But Karma can have an ugly side to her; just two days ago “Jack” flew onto the scene; a handsome, devil come what may, with jet black feathers and a starkly white bow tie. Deciding this delicious little pond suited his rental needs he proceeded to chase and attack Daddy Duck until sadly he and both his lady loves have left the property. I am in mourning right now because as handsome as Jack maybe, he lacks the domesticated bliss that I was experiencing with Little Mama and Daddy Duck. Wherever they have gone to I am rooting that they find their happily ever after!

Despite over 5 and ½ inches of rain; the dyke that Farmer Hubby solidly built along my garden has been holding up and I am happy to report that many rows of peas, onions and carrots are starting to emerge. The beans have not fared so well with only five surviving plants that have struggled their way to the surface. The cucumbers and pumpkins have yet to make an appearance and the tomatoes certainly have a heavy ‘wind swept’ look about them. The potatoes so far are the shining star so there is hope that Farmer Hubby will have sufficient of his favorite vegetable to feast upon.

The last few days I have had a hankering for a gourmet cupcake. Now I can bake a pretty fair pie but cakes and cupcakes tend to be a struggle for me. So I called up Mister Goggle and studied all the little extras that go into make a gourmet cupcake so special. The importance of having certain ingredients at ‘room’ temperature, when to whip and when to gently fold I decided I could perhaps undertake to satisfy my craving. Despite having high temperatures and even higher humidity I had to succumb to the temptation and try my hand at making some. I pulled up an interesting recipe on Pinterest, under and discovered Sugar Plum Fairy Cupcakes which sounded delightfully cool and refreshing. Utilizing all my newly learned knowledge I set out to bake the best cupcake that I could. Using a paper towel to wipe the sweat from my brow and neck I finally sat with the delectable delight on a china plate, unwrapped my creation, closed my eyes and took a bite. I have to say it meet all my expectations and more! One appeared to be all it took to satisfy that want for a sugary, light confectionary delight. However, Farmer Hubby is hauling grain this week so I will have a tasty little surprise to tuck in to his lunch to let him know I’m thinking of him as he is headed down the road to the elevator!


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Deb Barber

Farm Wife Diary

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