Petition started against the renaming of Wye replacement school

Sherri Naslund Dawson started an online petition for the public to reconsider changing the name of the Wye replacement school. This petition comes after Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) conducted a survey on the subject last fall. Two thirds of those who responded said they wanted to rename the school. A short list of names was then created and a name selection survey is currently active online. The EIPS board will make a decision based on feed back from this survey in the spring.


The original school was built in Hillsdale School District number 611 and opened in January 1902. Hillsdale school was lost in a fire in 1921 and a new school house opened in 1923. This new school was located on Wye Road. This was also a one room school house and it ran until 1954 when it was decided to make a new and bigger school at Wye Elementary’s current location.

Click here to read the EIPS release on whether to change the name.

Click here to see the top three name selections and/or take the survey.

Click here to sign the online petition.


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