ThreeSixty Alberta celebrates 5 years in business!

ThreeSixty Alberta is celebrating 5 years in business by looking back at how we got started.

Leanne sat down with Mike and Jacquie over a couple of drinks in the summer of 2018. The idea of forming a video based media company quickly became a passion project and we officially launched just a couple months later on Sept. 24.

Jacquie and Mike brought on Vanessa and Jana as our reporters and they all hit the ground running filming content. It was (hopefully) a fun learning experience for everyone.

Karen has always been with us but sometimes we forget that, because she lives so far away… like in Innisfree. She has contributed news, events and agriculture content over the years and occasionally her alter ego, Olga, makes an appearance on camera.

The amazing thing about Jacquie, Karen and Carla is that they all have a passion for their communities and telling people’s stories. They set up their interviews and film them, all Leanne has to do is edit the video.

When the pandemic hit, ThreeSixty shifted gears a bit and moved most of our business online. We got away from hard news and started to focus on Jacquie’s “On the Road Again”, Karen’s ‘Horsin’ Around’ and Glenda’s ‘Artist Spotlight’ segments. We started to focus more on our video production services as well.

Every year in December we create custom holiday videos for our clients, which is fun and we look forward to doing it again this year. It’s not too early, you can email us now to get one started:

We also offer in-house graphic design and advertising services. Leanne will work with you to design your ad and then we run it in one of our videos and get up to 5000 people to see your ad! Call Leanne for more details: 902-308-0239.

We would like to thank our past content creators, Mike, Vanessa, Glenda, Jana, and send extend a welcome to our newest content creator, Carla.

ThreeSixty Alberta would also like to thank our audience for watching us for the past 5 years!


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