We are ThreeSixty Alberta

ThreeSixty Alberta is an online media and video production company with a focus on community, agriculture, business and more in east/central Alberta. We have produced a talk show called Let’s Chat, Karen has a series about horses, called Horsin’ Around and each week Jacquie hits the road to discover a new small town or business in our series called, on the road again. Jacquie & Karen also create community events videos. Submit your community event by emailing: news@threesixtyalberta.com.

We air new videos on a weekly basis. ThreeSixty Alberta also offers video production services, which includes videography and video editing. We have made commercials, educational, whiteboard videos, PSA’s, video resumes, company videos and more. ThreeSixty Alberta officially launched September 24, 2018.

Have a news tip or community event you’d like featured in a video? Email us at news@threesixtyalberta.com

You can find us on the following social media platforms:

Facebook @threesixtyalberta

Instagram @threesixtyalberta

TikTok @threesixtyalberta

Twitter @threesixtyab

Youtube: youtube.com/@threesixtyalberta

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/threesixtyalberta/

You can also check out our website: http://www.threesixtyalberta.com

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