This is the third year Chatsworth Farm is partaking in Open Farm Days on August 13th. Karen stopped by and chatted with Charlotte about the event. Watch our latest video for details.
Karen caught up with the Vegreville 4H Beef Club in our latest video. Check it out!
Mark your calendars folks. This is an epic event.
Karen stopped by the rodeo in Ranfurly. Check out our latest video.
Want to buy a cow from the safety of your own home? The Innisfree-Minburn 4-H Beef Club's upcoming auction, makes that possible.
Karen chats with Tyson Rudolf, who has won two awards and discusses an upcoming 4H beef sale. Watch our latest video for details.
Karen chats with Charlotte from Chatsworth Farm and the Canadian Western Agribition CEO in our latest video.
Did you know there is a u-pick apple orchard in Fort Saskatchewan? We have details on how they got started, what kind of apples there are and of course when you can head out to pick some apples.
Karen stopped by the Ranfurly Agricultural Society's annual Rodeo Series. Watch our latest video for highlights and how the event went overall.
  Karen chatted with Chatsworth Farm about how they got involved with this year's Open Farm Days. CAUTION this video has CUTE baby chicks, kittens, sheep & more.  
Farmer's Markets are in full swing, however one greenhouse owner will not be at them this year. Find out what she's up to instead.
Karen has details on how to safely make a purchase at the Innisfree-Minburn 4-H Beef Club's upcoming auction, while in the midst of this pandemic. Details in our latest video.
Karen checks in with the Holden 4-H Beef Club to see how they're holding up during this difficult time. They have a cool way to still make beef sales.
Karen chats with the Veg Cares Coalition chairperson about their upcoming conference for women in agriculture. Mental health is a key focus for the event. Details on that and more in our latest video.
Jacquie recently travelled to Colinton, AB to celebrate with the farm women of Athabasca County. More in our latest video.
Karen chats with three time Grey Cup champion, who has moved on from football to honey. Find out more in our latest video.
Karen caught up with Pebblestone Farms owners to congratulate them on winning the Century Farm award and more in our latest video.
Karen Arndt-Nedzielski talks to a Viking local about how cattle producers have been affected by the weather in our latest video.
Co-host Jana Semeniuk tours the new hemp site currently under construction in Bruderheim. Check it out. For more information on Canadian Rockies Hemp Co. click here.  
An exclusive look inside Banff National Park’s Ya Ha Tinda Ranch with co-host Karen Nedzielski. A bit of history, horses and Rocky Mountains for you in this feature video. Enjoy.
Host Jacquie Fenske sits down with Stonepost Farms owner and talks about Community Futures involvement in Open Farm Days and more.
Host Jacquie Fenske sits down with one farm owner to talk about what they will be offering as part of this years Open Farm Days in Alberta.
The Innisfree/Minbrun 4H beef club show and sale achievement day took place a few weeks ago. Host Karen Nedzielski chatted with a couple young winners. Watch our latest video for details.
Wallish Greenhouses, located in Sherwood Park is celebrating 100 years as a family business. To commemorate that, Sharon Wallish Murphy published a book about plants and greenhouses. Host Jacquie Fenske finds out the 'story' behind the story.
The Courage Canada Trail Ride is coming up and host Karen Nedzielski met up with Curtis Anderson for all the details on this year's event. Hear Anderson's personal story as well.
Did you know there is a mobile vet service in the Innisfree area? Karen spoke with the owner about what her services and maintaining your pets and livestock.  
Farmers are taking advantage of technology and putting cameras to good use. Co-host Karen Nedzielski chats with one Minburn farmer about how he has used technology for bull sales/auctions and for calving season.  
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Farmers are taking advantage of technology and putting cameras to good use. Co-host Karen Nedzielski chats with local farmers about how they use their cameras. This is part 1 of 2. Click here to watch the second video. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Ever wondered what the Northeast Alberta Information HUB is? Host Jacquie Fenske chats with their executive director about what they do and what is happening in the region. For more information visit:[/vc_column_text%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5B/vc_row%5D
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Northern Bites takes people out of their urban environment and out into rural areas to explore local producers, farmers and more in the area. Then they get to bake or create what they’ve learned about once the tour is
Our Bruderheim corespondent Jana Semeniuk had the chance to chat with local greenhouse owner, Nadine Stielow to find out what she is up to these days. For more information visit
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Co-host Karen Nedzielski introduces us to a horse named Rocket along with horse farrier Adam Waldner, who explains what he does for a living and how to do it properly. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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