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1917 – With 10 Oscar nominations, is the movie worth watching?

In a matter of taste, there can be no disputes. But, if something comes up as strongly as 10 Oscar nominations, then, it should suggest something good. For those who are wondering what we are talking about let us break it up to you – 1917 is the movie predicted to win most awards and it is playing in the theatres around the world. And should you go and watch it? The answer is definitely yes.

Created under the directive of Sam Mendes, 1917 is a story about World War I, inspired and dedicated to this grandfather – a veteran. Without revealing too much, here is a short overview of what to expect and what makes this movie so special that it caught the eye of the movie critics.

The action is set in April 1917, focusing on two British soldiers, who were picked to hand-deliver an important message to their other troops for calling off an attack on the German forces. The catch behind this undelivered message is that it is a confirmed ambush by the Germans and around 1600 soldiers will lose their lives, among which is the brother of one of the soldiers. All of that is supposed to happen the next morning, which makes the plan to reach the destination even more urgent, stressful and risky. And just like that, the life of these two soldiers is about to be changed permanently.

From the moment the movie starts, the difference in the camera and the angle can be instantly seen, which is what makes it unique and extraordinary. All the action is caught right in the focus, without a wide-angle and the boring Hollywood pictures. Also called one-shot style, the views are immediately set on the same journey, going side by side with the soldiers. The tension and the sounds that follow through the entire movie keep the focus and the attention on point, making you want to see more. The suspense of what is going to happen next is present throughout the entire movie.

For those doubting to see the movie, it is not a bloodbath, but it is still a war. It is a nice representation of the determination and endurance that the soldiers had back then to follow orders and save lives, all at the same time. Risking the life and going through with it comes in this masterpiece called 1917 that is definitely worth a watch and will surely leave a great mark in the movie history.


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