20 million masks to be distributed throughout Alberta

The Government of Alberta has partnered with three large food chains to give out free non-medical masks, starting in June.

This initiative is part of the governments relaunch strategy to safely start lifting public health restrictions and re-open the economy.

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd., A&W and Tim Hortons will distribute non-medical masks for free at their drive-thru locations.

“Throughout the pandemic, the 1,500 Tim Hortons owners across Canada have been eagerly supporting their local communities and stepping up to answer calls for assistance. When we were asked by the Alberta government to help distribute masks through our drive-thrus we did not hesitate. We’re proud to have been asked to participate in this important program and do our part to help Alberta move forward on its relaunch strategy,” said Mike Hancock, chief operating officer, Tim Hortons.

The province is also working with municipalities, First Nations communities, Metis Settlements and local agencies to distribute masks to those needing them, which includes people dependant on public transit.

“I want to thank A&W, McDonald’s Canada, Tim Hortons, and all of the other organizations and municipalities that have come together to help us distribute millions of masks. The collective response from leaders in government, public, and private sectors has been overwhelming and I am incredibly grateful to everyone involved,” said Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health.

Non-medial masks will be provided in packages of four at nearly 600 partnered restaurant drive-thrus, but only while supplies last. While it is not mandatory to wear a mask, they are an option for situations where keeping a physical distance of two metres is not possible.

For instructions on proper care and use of non-medical masks click here.

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