4-H Beef Club communications event results are in

Above is a photo of the participants at the Beaver District 4-H Communications event held at the Bruce Community Center on March 1st. Members who qualified through competing in the communication event at club level in the communities of Viking, Holden, and Tofield participated. It was a great day with many interesting topics presented.
Thank you to the judges and chairpersons who volunteered their time and helped the day run smoothly. The Holden 4-H clubs hosted the event this year. The meal served at the completion of the speeches and presentations was fantastic.
One of the judges stated that if we promise to feed him again like that next year, he will be glad to judge again.
Members who placed first will participate in the North East Regional Communications event to be held in St.Paul on March 21st.
Results are as follows: Speeches:
Junior 1st Emily Quilty Tofield Horse Club 2nd George MacKenzie Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
Intermediate 1st Quinten Albrecht 2nd Kate Albrecht both of the Holden 4-H Beef Club
Senior 1st Kassidy Cameron Tofield 4-H Beef Club 2nd Katie Hrabec Holden 4-H Beef Club
Junior: 1st Logan Brooke Viking 4-H Beef Club 2nd Aiden Kittle Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
Intermediate: 1st Nolan and Cameron Dixon Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
                       2nd Cameron Schmaus Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
Senior 1st Maddie Ruzicka Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
             2nd Austin Bonham Beaver County 4-H Multi Club
Thank you to AltaLink for sponsoring 4-H communications, the Bruce Stampede Association who donated the use of their facility and much of the wonderful meal that we received. A special thank you to our parents for cooking and baking and helping to organize the event. It was a great day!
Written by:
Zane Gunderson and Kate Albrecht Holden
4-H Beef Club Reporters 

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