4-H Public Speaking A Success In Ryley

The Beaver County 4-H Multi Club held its third annual public speaking event in the Ryley Hall. The event was sponsored by Altalink and UFA.

Emily Chetney and I (Josh Ruzicka) were voted in as the MCs for the event, and if I do say so myself, the jokes were quite humorous. The snacks and lunch was delicious and the facility was perfect for our needs.

In Junior speeches first place went to George MacKenzie for his speech “NBA” while second place went to Ashton Zemlak with “Farm vs Town”.
In Junior presentations first went to Aiden Kittle with “Dirt Biking Facts” and second was awarded to Douglas Winsnes for his “Reining Cow Horse”.
In Intermediate speeches Jerica Chetney took the lone prize with “The Effects of Electronics on Children”.
The Intermediate presentations first place was awarded to Nolan & Cameron Dixson for an action packed “Eat My Dust” and second was given to Cameron Schmaus and his “My Top 3 Favourite Cattle Breeds”.
The first place Senior speech was “The Bystander Effect” by Kari Janzen, while second was given to Denise Schmaus with “Uncertainties of Life”.
Maddy Ruzicka won first place in Senior demonstrations for her “Duck & Goat Cheese Pastry” and the second prize went to Austin Bonham with “Welding”.

The first and second place from each category (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) moved on to districts on March 1st in Bruce. Of that group Maddy Ruzicka and Nolan & Cameron Dixson are the ones that will be going to regionals.

Regionals will be held on March 21, 2020 at 9 a.m. at the Portage College in St. Paul.

We’ll keep you posted for the next update for the Beaver County 4-H Multi Club.

Check out the club’s Facebook page (Beaver County 4-H Multi Club) to see upcoming events and news.

Written by:

Josh Ruzicka, Club Reporter

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