A little back to school reminder

Classes resumed this week for many students after COVID-19 shutdown schools in the province back in March. With that in mind, let’s talk; back to school safety.

St. Albert RCMP would like to remind the public that School Zones are in effect again.

They said with students making their way back to school, traffic gets heavier with more vehicles, school buses, public transit, cyclists and pedestrians on the roads.

Drivers are reminded that children could be distracted by the excitement of going back to school and they may not pay attention to their surroundings.

“Driver’s must be vigilant and alert behind the wheel,” as stated in the RCMP release.

Their tips for sharing the roads safely and to help with the transition, are as follows:

  • Observe School Zone Speeds
  • Obey All Cross Walks/Crossing Guards
  • Watch For Children Darting Out Onto Streets
  • School Bus Safety

If you would like more information about Back to School Safety, click here.

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