Break ins at Bruderheim Public Works Launch Security Changes

Theft and vandalism at Bruderhiem’s Public Works yard have prompted changes in the way security is handled for the area.

“In five years, our Public Works yard has been broken into four times,” said Patty Podoborozny, chief administrative officer for the Town of Bruderheim.

The Public Works yard, located on the west wide of town, houses not only bulk water for rural residents and businesses, it also stores equipment utilized by town public works employees.

The most recent break in, approximately two months ago, cost the town $8000 not including the deductible. Thieves attained access by driving up to the unsecure gate. Upon breaking the lock off a storage sea can, thieves made off with a chainsaw and weed snipper as well as various other items.

Previous break in’s have seen vehicles stolen as well as trailers. All robberies have been captured on security camera footage and reported to the police.

Jana Semeniuk photos.

“Every time we are broken into, we have to pay a $1000 deductible,” said Podoborozny.

Until recently, in order to accommodate bulk water users at any time, gates were not locked at night. A solar powered electric gate has since been installed that requires your registered code to open for evening and weekend access.

Currently, bulk water users have registered and pre paid at the town office for the amount of water they will take. The funds are loaded onto their code number and they use the access number at the bulk water station anytime day or night.

Now, this system will include using their code to gain entry to the yard by way of the solar powered electric gate, which will be locked after hours and weekends. Additionally, should someone require use of the bulk water after hours and have not previously registered at the town, they will be able to gain access by using the on-call number displayed.

Podoborozny added that having the gate solar powered was significantly cheaper than electric. The gate also goes completely around the yard so people cannot gain access through the trees.

Written by: Jana Semeniuk

Twitter @jana_semeniuk

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