Bruderheim Council Votes to Put Off Decision on Junior A Hockey

In a unanimous vote, Bruderheim Town Council has decided to hold off making a decision on bringing in a junior A hockey team for at least one year.

Brian Brown and Ron White, of Western States Hockey League, brought forward a presentation to council at a special meeting May 27 in hopes of bringing a junior A hockey team to town. Their presentation highlighted positive focus for the town of Bruderheim by way of having a local hockey team, as well as revenue generated from games. WSHL were hoping to begin their partnership with the town of Bruderheim for fall of this year.

During an in-camera session at their regular June 5 meeting, council discussed the plan and made the decision to bring it forward for deliberation next year.

“I understand where they are coming from,” said WSHL Commissioner Ron White. “There are things the league would need to approve to make the venue usable for the coming season. We will be happy to revisit next year and look much sooner next year than we did this year.”

Bruderheim Chief Administrative Officer Patty Podoborozny cited the reasons as being mainly financial as well as logistical.

In order to meet the needs of a local team, the Karol Maschmeyer Arena would need to undergo significant upgrades including standardized seating, washroom upgrades, additional concession space for liquor sales as well as extra dressing rooms.

“For a project of that magnitude we would have to tender it out. So, it’s over $200,000 we are legislated to tender out and that process takes about six weeks so we are talking mid July and they want to be in at the beginning of September,” said Podoborozny. “It’s just too much of a strain on time.”

Podoborozny added that it is within Bruderheim’s five-year plan to do these upgrades, planning for the 20/21 budget year. Council would also like to look at some grant opportunities that may help financially support the upgrades when they are ready to move forward.

“Council voted to keep our options open and look to next year as an opportunity,” said Mayor Karl Hauch. “We were very grateful for the opportunity and I believe as our town grows, we will be looked to for other opportunities in the future.”

Written by: Jana Semeniuk

Twitter @jana_semeniuk

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