Changes coming to student transportation fees

The Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) board of trustees has approved a new fee structure for student transportation.

The decision was made at the regular board meeting on February 20. The new structure will take affect in September 2020 and is due to recent changes made to Alberta Education’s School Transportation Regulation AR 96/2019, which is guided by the Education Act.

Changes are as follows:

  • The introduction of a two‐tiered fee structure—both eligible and ineligible riders will pay a fee for busing services. For some, fees will increase, and for others, fees will decrease.
  • The elimination of the Student Transportation family rate.
  • The elimination of an exemption for ineligible riders who cross or walk along a road with speeds limits of 60 kilometres per hour, or higher, without a sidewalk or standard traffic light protection (see Policy 17: Student Transportation Services, section 1.5).

EIPS said in a statement that overall, the new fee structure is more equitable for users and allows for EIPS student transportation to continue delivering its current service levels, while maintaining safe and efficient tranortaion. It also prevents unnecessary cuts to classrooms. For more information about that click here.

These changes to student transportation fees will be finalized when the 2020 provincial budget is announced by the government later this month.

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