Classic Blue – the color of 2020 – how to incorporate it into your fashion style

From Ultra Violet to Living Coral, the color that is set to dominate this year’s fashion industry is Classic Blue.

During the last year’s fashion weeks, this blue shade was present almost everywhere, especially as a trending colour for the summer season. The moment it was announced that this soothing shade will be the centre of attention for the entire year, the fashion industry did not wait long to present a fashion overview of this beautiful colour. Starting from the royals to the social media fashionistas, this colour has always been a dominant and safe choice for all those looking to bring some elegance and chic to their fashion styles.

The colour of the deep blue sea and the sky at dusk brings an emotional attachment for everyone who loves some colour. Some might say that Blue is the warmest colour. It is both warm and cool. Different than the midnight blue or royal blue, the intensity of Classic Blue has the power to bring coolness to the hot summer nights, and warmth to the winter days.

The calm undertones make it pleasant to the eye. From a fashion point of view, classic blue is a shade that pairs and styles well with many different colours. Nudes and whites are great for making a strong, but elegant contrast. The vibrant yellow, orange, and pink are suitable for the pop-of-colour style choices, especially during the summer. The monochromatic head-to-toe classic blue look is something that is very eye-catching and interesting, suitable for casual or official events.

Colour of the year 2020. Photo supplied.

Classic Blue as part of any outfit will make a strong point. For those who are afraid of going all blue, deciding on only one piece or accessory will be more than enough. An oversized sweater in classic blue with jeans, or a classic blue handbag, or a pair of blue heels will speak enough of your fashion sense and awareness of the current trend. Whichever the choice, the classic blue is a colour that has been and will be present forever on the fashion scene.

Suitable for all seasons, styles, accessories, footwear and swimwear, classic blue is the right colour for making an impression while playing on the romantic and safe side. The mixture between the deep and bold results in this relaxing colour that is perfect for all ages.

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