Extreme cold to last a few more days

Much of Alberta remains under an extreme cold warning.

After getting hit with 15-30 cm of snow over the weekend, February 2-3, much of central and northern Alberta went into a deep freeze.

Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning on Saturday, February 2, with the windchill feeling like -40 to -45 degrees.

As of Monday, February 4 that extreme cold warning remains in effect and has spread to most of southern Alberta as well.

This extreme weather will continue into Tuesday, with a projected high of -26 degrees for Edmonton.

Environment Canada states this cold arctic air is expected to continue through most of the week in the northern areas of the province.

With this cold weather comes frost bite, which can develop within minutes on exposed skin.

Also watch for cold related symptoms which include shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness/colour change in your fingers/toes.

Environment Canada Monday, February 4.

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