Giving Back to Education

Submitted by Jameson Epp

A Sherwood Park Educational Assistant has been giving back to the education system for
over 15 years.

Laurie Borle, an EA with Elk Island Public Schools, has been supporting teachers and
schools by accepting donations from two local Walmart stores. After a 10 month application
process, she received a grant in 2017 on behalf of EIPS, which sees useful supplies donated
to teachers and school staff.

“The donations go to amazing teachers, who are doing amazing things every day,” says
Borle. “Big organizations such as Walmart see it as a privilege to give back to their
communities in this way.”

Over the years, thousands of dollars in merchandise has been donated, and she is proud to
know that these have made a difference for thousands of students and teachers. After
running a Home Program for Autism out of her home, and being directly involved with
schools herself, she sees how much money teachers spend out of pocket. These donations
enable schools to enhance their programs, stretch school dollars further, and provide
supplies for students in need.

Words that teachers use to describe Laurie are selfless, leader, creative, and thoughtful. She
takes the time to ensure that donors are thanked, and considers the needs of special
programs such as Cosmetology Programs or the Senior’s & Youth Networking Communities
run by Carole Bossert. She is also excited to be spearheading another project, partnering
with Sobeys’ Second Harvest program, providing food for schools so that no child is left

Laurie has an unbridled passion for her career, and loves being part of the village that raises
our children. “You get a connection in education that you can’t get anywhere else. Knowing
you’re a part of their forever, not just their now, is priceless.”

Elk Island ATA Local 28 would like to recognize Laurie for her unwavering dedication to the
success of students and teachers in our communities. Elk Island Public Schools serves
approximately 17 000 students in 43 schools.

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