Oversize load moving through the area

An oversize load will be transported from Edmonton to the Heartland area starting tonight.

The piece of petrochemical equipment, which is known as a polypropylene reactor is 728-tones and 48 metres long.

It was scheduled to be moved earlier this month but was delayed due to the extremely cold weather.

Dates and times are as follows

Feb. 19 – Leaving Cessco at 9 p.m. and stopping at Hwy 14 and 21 at 5 a.m.

Feb. 21 – Leaving Hwy 14 and 21 at 8:30 a.m. and end up in Lamont at 5 p.m.

Feb. 22. Leaving Lamont at 8:30 a.m. and arriving on site at 1 p.m.

Move route

  • Exit Cessco yard at 100 Street and 75 Avenue and travel east
  • South on 99 Street to 63 Avenue; east on 63 Avenue to 91 Street
  • South on 91 Street to 51 Avenue; east on 51 Avenue to Roper Road
  • East to 75 Street; south on 75 Street to 51 Avenue
  • East on 51 Avenue to 50 Street at Whitemud Drive westbound off ramp
  • Whitemud Drive east to Anthony Henday southbound.
  • Highway 14 eastbound and stage at highways 14 & 21
  • Highway 14 east to Range Road 190
  • North on Range Road 190 to Township Road 510
  • East on Township Road 510 to Highway 834
  • North on Highway 834 to Highway 15; Highway 15 west to Lamont
  • Continue west on Highway 15 to Range Road 220
  • Range Road 220 north to site

This piece of equipment is roughly twice the height of an adult giraffe and is used to convert propylene into a powdered substance used to fabricate a range of products like medical equipment, athletic apparel and food storage containers.

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