PPE being distributed across the province

Thanks to the Bits and Pieces Program, Albertans across the province will receive personal protective equipment (PPE).

Right now Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working to connect PPE to Alberta’s health care workers. The Provincial Operators Centre is also working to connect PPE to non-AHS facilities including, optometrist offices, funeral homes, pharmacies, disability service providers and social service and civil society groups.

The government continues its efforts to obtain and distribute supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to regular procurement methods, the Bits and Pieces Program has received roughly 4000 offers to date, including 400 specific offers for PPE such as masks, respirators, sanitizer and ventilators.

To date AHS, Convenant Health along with subsidiary facilities have received more than 4 million masks.

More than 1.5 million masks have been given to 941 long-term care facilities, designated supportive living facilities, addictions and mental health facilities and home care providers.

Health-care workers such as midwives, pediatrician, gynecologists and obstetricians have received over 1.1 million gloves, over 240,000 masks, over 41,300 gowns and more than 44,000 face shields.

Roughly 400 municipal first responder agencies will be given one million masks and one million gloves and 84 seniors long-term and extended care facilities are scheduled to get 11,000 canisters of wipes.

Full shipments of PPE will also be sent out to 110 addictions and mental health agencies.

Non-AHS facilities should continue to request PPE through the following email address:

For COVID-19 information click here.

For more information about the Bits and Pieces Program click here.

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