Province funds three-year agricultural plastics recycling pilot program

Alberta beef producers have received a $750,000 grant to initiate the pilot program that will recycle agricultural plastics on behalf of the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group.

The announcement came on Monday, January 21st.

What is the Alberta Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Program?

It is designed to recycle grain bags and twine, research markets for other agricultural plastics not included in the pilot program, conduct a waste characterization study to determine agricultural plastic volumes, survey producers for feedback, educate producers on the program and how to recycle their plastics.

“Making agriculture more efficient and environmentally sustainable is a win for everyone. Not only are we tackling the longstanding problem of wasted twine and agricultural plastics, we’re working with partners to find policy solutions that really work. This pilot program is shaping a move toward an environmentally sustainable future for our province,” said agriculture and forestry minister, Oneil Carlier.

This pilot program will help decide the financials, logistics and operations when it comes to recycling agricultural plastics and may aid in forming a future policy solution for the issue.

“The Alberta government’s commitment to the pilot program is a welcome announcement. The APRG will explore an on-the-ground assessment of ag plastics on the provincial landscape to support the environmentally sound end use of these materials,” said Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group chair, Al Kemmere.

“There is strong support for this program from the agriculture sectors in Alberta. We look forward to the rollout of this much-needed initiative and appreciate the speedy response and support from the Alberta government,” said Neil Gorda, director, Region Four, Alberta Barley and executive member, Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group


  • A study conducted by the Government in 2012 showed that roughly 50 per cent of agricultural producers were burning agricultural plastics on-farm. The other common disposal was sending plastics to a landfill.
  • A similar pilot program ran in Saskatchewan from 2011 to 2017 and they are now operate the first regulated recycling program in Canada for grain bags. Alberta’s program includes grain bags and twine.

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