Province invests in improving quality of life for those living with dementia

The Government of Alberta has given roughly $300,000 in grants towards initiatives helping those living with dementia throughout the province.

The announcement came earlier in September, that grants were given to the Brenda Strafford Foundation for a Guide to Create Dementia Friendly Communities in Alberta, along with a grant to Convenant Health’s Network of Excellence in Seniors’ Health and Wellness for six innovative projects.

The province granted $200,000 to the Brenda Strafford Foundation and the Foundation contributed $150,000 to create “The Guide to Create Dementia Friendly Communities in Alberta,” which and be found by following this link.

“The Brenda Strafford Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to lead this exciting and impactful initiative that will benefit so many people, in so many communities. Together, we must find innovative and community-focused solutions to ensure we support the needs of those impacted by dementia. Everyone has a role in helping find these solutions,” said Mike Conroy, the Grenda Strafford Foundation president and CEO.

The province granted $100,000 to Covenant Health’s Network of Excellence in Seniors’ Health and Wellness, with Covenant Health matching that with an investment of $100,000. The money is being used for six innovative projects focusing on practical innovations at the care level and includes educating staff, using technology to stimulate senses and cognition, along with improving environmental factors to improve quality of life.

“We are privileged to serve thousands of seniors across this province each day and are committed to transformational approaches that support seniors in their communities and care for those most vulnerable. These grants will help us build on our 155-year legacy to develop innovative and pragmatic models to support individuals living with dementia in rural Alberta with compassion, dignity and humanity,” said Patrick Dumelie, Covenant Health president and CEO.

Roughly 46,000 people in Alberta are living with dementia and it is estimated that in 30 years, more than 165,000 Albertans could be living with dementia.

“Dementia Friendly Communities help seniors and others living with dementia to stay active and connected to the hamlets, towns and cities they call home. This resource will have a long-lasting impact on Albertans with dementia, their caregivers and the broader community,” said Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing.

This funding was made possible under the Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan. To date the province has invested $12.8 million towards community programs and services aimed to address the needs of those living with dementia along with their caregivers.

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