Sherwood Heights replacement school top priority for EIPS

Elk Island Public School (EIPS) board has approved the division’s three year capital plan for 2020-23.

The capital plan gets reviewed and updated yearly and key capital projects for the division are prioritized. A replacement school for Sherwood Park Heights Junior High has been listed in the plan as a top priority.

“Sherwood Heights Junior High has served students in Sherwood Park for the past 61 years,” said board chair, Trina Boymook. “It’s now aging and in need of significant repairs and renovations. A new replacement school will go a long way in addressing the educational needs of students and provide a learning environment that will allow them to succeed in the classroom.”

The board is working with multiple community partners and if approved by the province, this replacement school will also serve the larger community of Sherwood Park. The provincial government has the final say in what school replacement projects get funding, which is based off the capital plans submitted from school divisions across the province.

The EIPS three year capital plan also includes a replacement school for Rudolph Hennig Junior High, a cluster study in Sherwood Park involving École Campbelltown, Pine Street Elementary and the Sherwood Heights Junior High replacement school along with value management studies in Fort Saskatchewan and Vegreville.

“The Board is committed to working with the province to ensure projects for aging schools, such as Sherwood Heights Junior High, continue to receive funding,” added Boymook. “Ultimately, infrastructure projects like this ensure enhanced learning opportunities for all our students.”

Now that the board has approved the three year capital plan, it will be submitted to Alberta Education to be considered for funding.

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