Sherwood Park student awarded prestigious Culinary Scholarship

Salisbury Composite High School culinary student, Hannah Goyer, is one of four students receiving the prestigious High School Culinary Challenge Scholarship/Mentorship program.

The announcement was made at the annual High School Culinary Challenge (HSCC) awards dinner, which is hosted by the Canadian Culinary Federation Edmonton earlier this month.

“I thought I was dreaming when they called out my name,” said Goyer, who is in Grade 12. “I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been worried about student debt, and now all that is taken care of. It’s huge, and I have so many people to thank, especially my teacher Mr. Hess.”

The scholarship recognizes the accomplishments of Edmonton area high school students who took part in the recent High School Culinary Challenge. Over a three year period, Goyer will get funding, which will cover costs of tuition, uniforms, knives and other needed items needed to take part in the Cook Apprenticeship Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Goyer will also experience three different apprenticeship placements at some of the top restaurants.

Herb Hess, the Commercial Foods Teacher at Salisbury Comp said, “Hannah has worked so hard all year and has truly earned this aware. “All of us at SAL – teachers, staff and classmates are so proud of her and know she will go onto achieve great things in the sector.”

To date, Goyer is the fifth Salisbury Comp student to be awarded the HSCC scholarship.

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