Vegreville residents help name new industrial park

The Town of Vegreville requested the public’s help in naming the 82-acre Agri Food/Industrial Park, with two residents tying for first place.

Council received 93 name suggestions, which was then narrowed down to a list of top five names for the public to vote on.

The park has been officially named, ‘Prosperity Industrial Park,’ which was submitted by Alice Stasiuk. The town first considered using the name ‘East Point Industrial Park,’ which was submitted by Jeffrey Sakundiak. However, council found it was too similar to another development name in Alberta.

Both Stasiuk and Sakundiak will be awarded a 2022 1 year family pass to the Vegreville Aquatic Center. Third place winner, Alex Zukiwsky, who was the first to suggest ‘Vegreville Industrial Park’ will take home $100 in Chamber bucks.

“We already have so much going for us. We’re tapped in to the fastest and most reliable internet in the country, thanks to Telus FIBRE. We have immediate access to major transportation coordinators including the TransCanada’s Highway 16 and Highway 36, which connects us seamlessly to US markets. We’re an hour’s drive from an International Airport and a major urban centre. And, most importantly, we have the room to grow,” said Town of Vegreville Mayor, Tim MacPhee. “Frankly, the one thing that was holding us back, was that we didn’t have a parcel of land dedicated, serviced and ready for development. Soon, that will no longer be the case and so it’s fitting that this major piece of Vegreville’s prosperity puzzle is now officially named ‘Prosperity Industrial Park’.” 

Construction of Prosperity Industrial Park is scheduled to begin in early June.

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