Vegreville students use recycled material to create artistic outfits

Fashion students at Vegreville Composite High were challenged to make stylish, wearable art out of an assortment of discarded materials, which were donated by local businesses.

When Sears announced it would close its stores across Canada, the schools fashion studies teacher, Deanna Miller met with liquidators at their local branch, to see if they would donate mannequins to help her students in their studies. The store was more than willing to make the donation and thus sparked the project idea for Miller.

It took a few months but Miller contacted 15 local businesses in the Vegreville area to ask if they would be willing to donate any disposable materials to her class. She got a positive reaction and received materials such as carpet underlay, onion bags, old chair covers and more.

Students then took those materials and crafted them into wearable art over a two week period.

“The project was a lot of fun,” said grade 8 student, Bethanie Robbins. “It inspired me to be creative, and push myself to do more than I thought I was capable of.”

Deeming the challenge as successful, Miller has already started securing materials for next semester’s classes.

“The students really impressed me with their pieces,” said Miller. “They are such an enthusiastic and open-minded group, they took the concept of sustainable fashion and just ran with it.”


The art pieces were on display in local businesses up until December 3, 2018.

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