Vermilion bonspiel winners

The Vermilion Curling Club held its annual Mens and Ladies combined bonspiel from February 7-9. There were 20 teams in total, eight women teams and 12 men teams competed in the bonspiel. A banquet followed the event along with a trivia night and cash prizes for the winners.

Winners are listed below.

1st Place on the Mens side: Team Babij
Left to right: Carter Babij, Scott Manners, David Moerike & Jared Mason. Photo supplied.
2nd Place on the Mens side: Team McCrae
Left to right: Dustin Babij, Alex Wasylik, Nick Wasylik & David McCrae. Photo supplied.
1st on the Ladies side: Team Cutler
Left to right: Kathy Simmons, Cynthia Stringer, Treena Williams & Shaunna Cutler. Photo supplied.
2nd on the Ladies side: Team Eyben
Left to right: Shauna Frankiw, Michelle Webb, Kayla Kern & Kathy Eyben. Photo supplied.
Honourable Mentions go to 3rd/4th place on the men’s side, Team DeRoo and Team A. McCrae
3rd/4th place on the women’s side Team Warrilow and Team Lewin.

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