Village fate in hands of electors

Innisfree Residents Go To The Polls To Cast Viability Vote

The quaint Village of Innisfree, Alberta boasts to be the “Hidden Village” just north of Birch Lake and its more than 220 residents will soon help make the important decision whether or not to remain a Village or dissolve into a Hamlet within the County of Minburn.

A Viability Review of the Village of Innisfree originated in 2015 following a petition, initiated by a delegation of Village electors was filed with Alberta Municipal Affairs. 66 signatures of 223 people was required for the petition to be filed, with the delegation citing the reason for the change in status would help lower taxes for rate payers in the Village.

The results of the decision of citizens eligible to vote, will be sent to help the
Municipal Affairs Minister to make the final decision whether or not to dissolve the municipality into the County of Minburn.

An informational meeting was held on October 17 where Municipal Viability Advisor Roy Bedford updated the residents and concerned citizens of the area, on what stage the review was at. Questions and concerns were brought forward at the meeting in hopes of providing information to help electors make their decisions. Mayor Cannan said he, along with the Village of Innisfree Council members Debbie McMann and Will Oudshoorn plan to make door-to-door visits to make sure residents have notice of the importance of the vote and address any further questions regarding the topic before the electors casting their opinion which takes place on November 5 and 6.

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