Wine and cheese event raises more than $1200 for Bruderheim preschool

It was a night for new adventures intasting on Friday, February 15.

A Chocolate Wine and Cheese tasting eventwas hosted by the Little Rock Café, located inside the Studio 6 Hotel inBruderheim, on behalf of the Bruderheim Preschool.

“We have been fundraising this year for areading loft for our classroom. A wine and cheese night seemed like a fun wayto help,” said Bruderheim preschool teacher, Jacquie Senchuk.

The evening kicked off with a five minutevideo with Senchuk shown providing information on the reading loft and preschoolprogram, with Bruderheim Counsellor George Campbell educating guests on thetown’s history in famous cheese. The Bruderheim Cheese Factory was an importantpart of the local economy from 1927 – 1974.

Brian and Leesa Jones from the GoFer LiquorStore located in Smokey Lake (beside the Esso) provided five specialty winesincluding a Prosecco, which was blended with grapes from a vineyard owned bythe Vatican. Paired with each of these wines was cheese handcrafted courtesy ofIan Treuer with Smokey Lake’s WindingRoad Cheese Factory.

“Handcrafted cheese is truly an art. Eachwheel is blended by hand and aged to perfection,” said Treuer.

The cheeses, paired with each wine, includeda Blue Moraine, German Butter, Highland Hall, Josef as well as a cheeseaffectionately named RDB.

“RDB stands for Raymond Denzel Benoit whowas my grandfather,” explained Treuer. “He was a huge inspiration to me growingup as well as being a dairy farmer.”

In addition to crafting his cheese forlocal sales, Treuer also takes his wares on the road where he is entered incheese competitions across North America. He won the second place ribbon in 2017for his specialty RDB Cheese while attending the American Cheese SocietyConference in Denver, Colorado.

Along with wine and cheese, guests alsoenjoyed some generously donated items. These included handmade truffles by FortSaskatchewan’s Chocolates by Terry, as well as a variety of sausages courtesyof Rolf & Andrea Hinken with Bruderheim’s Old Country Sausage and deliciouscherry tarts provided by Jacquie Fenske with Fifendekel Pie Shop. Harold Reichsteinwas on hand with live entertainment by way of his one man show.

The event raised a total of $1230. All proceeds will be directed to the purchase of a Reading Loft for the Bruderheim Preschool.

Some were hesitant to try while others fearlessly dove in. Morgan and Ben Abramyk were two of the nights tasters. Jana Semeniuk photos.
Written by: Jana Semeniuk

Twitter @jana_semeniuk

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