EIPS announces new name of Wye replacement school

It is official: the Wye replacement school will be renamed as Heritage Hills Elementary.

The Elk Island Public School (EIPS) board approved the name during a public board meeting on Thursday, March 14.

The decision came after the division collected community input on the whether the school should be renamed and if so, what that name should be. Based on that data, three possible names were sent out to the community and Heritage Hills Elementary took 71 per cent of the votes.

“The results of the survey show the public felt Heritage Hills Elementary was the most fitting choice, and the Board is happy to support this decision,” said board chair, Trina Boymook. “EIPS Trustees feel this name ties the school to the community, and will help create a strong sense of identity for students, families and residents.”

The new school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020 and will be a K – 6 school.

Boymook thanked everyone who provided valuable suggestions and feedback on the name for the school.

Prior to this decision a petition was started by community members to have the name remain the same. You can watch our video coverage by clicking here.

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