Government makes changes to out-of-country health coverage

The Government of Alberta is changing its elective, non-urgent out-of-country health coverage policy.

Starting April 1, Albertans who travel to another country will no longer be covered for elective, non-urgent health services or routine lab tests.

A press release stated the change brings Alberta in line with most Canadian provinces and that only Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador provide out-of-country coverage for elective, non-urgent health services.

No changes are being made for emergency health services. Albertans will still be partially reimbursed for insured emergency health services needed when travelling outside of the country.

Making this change, will save the province roughly $1 million annually, with the savings to be reinvested into strengthening the province’s health system.

Also, Alberta’s independent out-of-country health services committee will continue to accept applications for funding of insured, medically necessary services that aren’t available in Canada.

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